Meet Tori

When your passions merge, how can you possibly go wrong? As a professional court reporter, I have had the opportunity to report and edit in many locations and to attend conferences with my colleagues all over the country and the world.

My love of travel began at an early age, when my parents took me to London. I saw amazing buildings and gardens and learned a little bit about history. As I grew up, we continued to travel - both locally, nationally, and internationally.

My goal for this page is to share with you all my adventures both associated with work and those purely personal.

I’ll be taking photos and videos and sharing some of our adventures - whether hikes, paddles, or museum finds.

"May all your travels be amazing."

- Tori Pittman

Upcoming Travels

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Blue has enjoyed getting familiar with his new home in the Western North Carolina mountains and is looking forward to at least two US trips in 2022

Tori's Big Interests